Walks, walks, and more walks

Hello Blackjack fans!


Blackjack is still looking for his king or queen of hearts to match his ace!!!

In the meantime, he's just happy as a little clam here. We take lots of walks and are working on trying to ignore everything we hate, which includes things with wheels and runners. He's happy to just come along for the journey and races to the door when he realizes it's time to go.

Blackjack went from being a bump on a log to a total goofball. He chases after his toys and he always bounces around, and even jumps when really inspired, when we wake up in the morning or when I get home. We start each day with a full dose of belly rubs and other silliness. Some sessions are more abbreviated than others, depending on how many times I hit snooze.

Since he doesn't really seem to want to get on the furniture, i figured he could use a comfier perch on which to lounge than the old bed he's been using. I got him a nice new memory foam bed (only $20 at Costco). He wasn't sure about it at first, but has decided it's pretty OK. And i get to stop dragging the bed all over the house.

He's still very camera shy, so we do our best to get some pictures. 

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Fun with new friends!

Hello gamblers!


Blackjack is doing great! We had a friend come to visit and she got to the house before I was home from work. Wasn't sure how Blackjack was going to react to a stranger coming in the house without me being there. Well, the answer was, he's a sucker for a treat. She buttered him up with a few treats and he was her bestie from go! They spent some time playing toys and he helped her get some things from the car a few times and generally was a good boy for her. Also, he was looking longingly at her Indian food and was distracted enough that i could finally get a decent picture of him. Still camera shy. 

Every morning we have a few minutes dedicated to belly rubs and general excitement for the day to start. What a difference a week has made with this little doggo. He wasn't too stoked about anything except maybe treats when he arrived. 

Tomorrow we are going to an adoption event. Wish us luck.

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I am a warrior, brave and true

My little Blackjack is such a different dog than he was less than a week ago when he arrived in foster paradise. Sunday night he really showed his hunting abilities (and patience) by engaging with a 20 minute stare down with a cat on our fence. I couldn't get a good picture without ruining the moment, but it was so funny.

After his hunt, he was inspired. He came in the house and decided it was time to hunt the vicious wheel on the TV stand. After that turned out to be not as fun as it sounded, he finally decided he wanted to play with his toys. He hunted his pretzel and ran around like a goofy boy! It was so nice to see him be a happy dog for the first time!

Monday I had a very long day at work. 13 hours later i got home to discover a very excited dog who seemed to have missed me, and, even better, no accidents! He was totally stoked that I was home and wanted lots of pets. Then we went for our walk and he was a complete nutso. When I met Blackjack last week, he was not in a hurry to do anything. Yesterday and today he was tearing down the street on his walk, just so happy to be out and sniff and see the neighborhood. 

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Settling in

Blackjack is settling in nicely here! He's a really sweet boy who just needs a little love.

He's definitely a happier boy every day and has quickly learned how to tell time. He knows when it's time for his walk and gets so excited when I stand up from my desk chair any time after 5 pm. He also knows when it's time to cross the street to go back home and where the pet store is! 

He also has learned that he gets a treat when he comes back in from being in the yard and bounces around like crazy.

He has hung out with his new friend who lives next door a few times. They get along just fine, but Blackjack really doesn't want to play. 

We've enjoyed many long walks and he's been to the local food truck gathering and the neighborhood art walk. He's been pet by a lot of people and sniffed by a lot of dogs and seems fine with it all. 


  • Treats
  • Walks
  • Sleeping


  • Motorcycles
  • Light rail
  • Runners
  • Cameras

(i have to say i agree with all of his likes and dislikes)


  • San Jose Taiko drums players (no reaction to the drums whatsoever)
  • Toys

I've been home with him for the most part for the past few days, but I did go out for a few hours today and he was very a good boy. No accidents or sneaky dog tricks. I'm pretty sure he slept the whole time but was pretty happy to see me when I got home.

If you're looking for an Ace to match your King or Queen, you can adopt Blackjack here.


Meet Blackjack!

Meet the latest member of the foster family, Blackjack. He arrived this afternoon and will be with me just for a few weeks. I have upcoming travel plans that make fostering tough this summer, so let's work to get him a fur-ever home ASAP.

Today Blackjack has mostly been sleeping, but we did take a walk to the pet store to get a harness and food. He was a very good boy on the walk! Blackjack is not in any particular hurry to go anywhere. 

Blackjack firmly believes that the camera steals his soul, so I don't have a very good picture, but we'll keep trying.

I don't know a ton about Blackjack's background other than he was found on the streets and was in the shelter for a few months. He's about 8 years old and maybe 20-25 lbs. 

He's available for adoption by the fine folks at Rescue the Underdog. His specific page is not up yet, but he's definitely available for adoption.